What is Powerful Dragons NFT?

Powerful Dragons is an NFT collection of 5,555 unique pieces of art being built on the Fantom Blockchain. These Dragons will act as tokens that are automatically entered into our weekly giveaways of nodes from Powernode.io.

What is it that we Dragons want to accomplish?

The Dragon founders genuinely believe that node protocols can change lives with passive income. Initially, it was started by our founder, Pahakurki, wanting to create a financial playground for creative minds and extend an opportunity for those less fortunate so they too can be a part of the ecosystem. We understand not everybody can afford to put their hard earned dollars into one asset, and holding a Powerful Dragon enables those to win one of these assets, as well as an entry to additional projects.

Mint Revenue Allocation:

Our current plan is to take 80% of the mint revenue and invest in different UoT node protocols.

  • 50% allocated to Powernode.io nodes for the rewards pool
  • 50% will be invested into various Union of Transparency (UoT) node protocols. Investment strategies are as follows: 20% allocated to $Thor, 20% allocated to $Hive, and 10% to high risk/reward opportunities. These investments would be allocated to the team for future salaries, expenses, and giveaways.
  • (Numbers are subject to change depending on the value of $Power)

The remaining 20% will be used to cover upfront project costs, Assure KYC of the team, and pay the team for the hard work, time, and dedication spent for launch.

Rewards Allocation:

We will use rewards being earned from Powernode.io pool (with 10% going to taxes and 10% for compounding) to pass out $Power equal to that of a node (ex. 100 Super Humans make 490 $Power/week resulting in being able to give out 8 Superhumans, and 4 Human Nodes EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.)

(compounding percentage is subject to change based off mint revenue)

Treasury Allocation:

We would split all treasury earnings to grow the project/team to develop further utility aside from being a “fancy giveaway tickets”. We will use the team treasury to cover node-related fees (monthly maintenance, gas, etc.), salaries, and advertising. The purpose of building the project treasury would be to have the funds needed to create merch, make any additional token purchases on significant dips, and have the funds to potentially… wait… I’m not supposed to disclose anymore. 😉

Wow, awesome! So… is there a White List???

TL;DR? Yes. We want to take a different approach to this White List than most projects. We will be allowing up to 4,000 of the 4,900 to be reserved for a discounted WL price (33FTM). If you do not book or do not mint your WL reservation before the launch, you will lose the opportunity for the discounted price.

Amazing! When can I mint one?

We will launch the presale mint on an announced date, where those who have been whitelisted can mint 1 Powerful Dragon. When the presale concludes, public minting will commence for 50 FTM per Dragon. If you want to be whitelisted, head to our Discord and read through the channels to see what is happening in The Dragon’s Lair!

We want to reward those Dragonlings who have read this article! To enter a giveaway for three people to win 1 free mint each. RT this article, follow us on Twitter, tag three friends in the comments and make sure to include #PowerfulDragonsFTM in your comment to be eligible. Winners will be announced via Discord leading up to the mint date!



Twitter: https://twitter.com/PowerDragonsNFT | Discord: https://discord.gg/HPQTrb5qRE

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